The Shop – History

Falkirk Christian Bookshop

Falkirk Christian Bookshop developed from the Bible Shop in Falkirk, which started in the 1920s in Manor Street. The Bible Shop had various homes before becoming a Scripture Union Bookshop, which moved, in the mid 1980s, to larger premises at 1 Glebe Street. It was later incorporated into Wesley Owen, which ceased trading in December 2009.
Pat Smith, the former manager of Wesley Owen, re-opened the shop in February 2010 as Falkirk Christian Bookshop. With the generous support of monthly pledges from over fifty regular donors, plus other occasional donations, she kept it running, while the Falkirk Christian Resources Trust made preparations to take ownership.
The shop provided the general public with information and advice about the Christian faith, local churches, organisations and support groups. It stocked and supplied Christian books, Bibles and resources for personal faith development, devotional and study needs, and for Christian ministry in all its forms and across all ages and interests.

The bookshop stationery carried the message, “more than a business – it is a witness and a ministry to those around it.” We thank God for His enabling us to be part of the Christian journey of so many people.


Manager        Pat Smith
Depute          Isabel Paton


Becky MacMillan, George Ralston, Eric Smith, Arlene Wright

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